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I’ve had a love affair with trims as long as I can remember... as a kid I would put them on socks for my knock off Barbie doll clothes

So when I started working in the garment industry selling Schiffli embroidery, laces and trims I was in Heaven. I then went on to open my own trim business, A&E trimmings, and now being able to grace heads with my trimmed hannahbandanahs makes me trim happy again. With my repeated trips to PremiereVision in Paris I like a kid in a candy store. Trims are that extra Umph that every garment needs. It’s the extra! My trim stores of choice are Pacific trim on 38th st., Daytona trims on 39th st , Lauren trim on 37th and trim art on 37th street. These shops are still around and need our support! I don’t want them to die so go at it and tell them I sent you!








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