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In our quest to be a World Changer, Hannahbandanah is a quick grab and go fashionable head covering. No fuss, just slide onto your head for a quick fix to every hair problem you've ever had. If you ski or bike, helmet head is rectified by having a Hannahbandanah under your helmet and off to après ski or your after bike hangout looking fashionable. Chemo head or alopecia self-consciousness can be solved with a Hannahbandanah. Zoom and Facetime meetings can come up quickly and we don't always have time to fix ourselves up, throw on a fashionable Hannahbandanah and one less thing to worry about. We aim for sustainability by using every scrap of fabric, whether it is for our masks, earrings or scrungees. Proceeds from particular styles will go to help cancer patients as homage to my sister Katrina. We will also help woman and children in battered shelters. Our Hannahbandanah Cooperative will help other small businesses succeed as well. As always we will continue to clothe and feed those in need. Spreading Love to all along the way.


- Hannahbandanah

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